Elder and Younger

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December 2015 - January 2016

Medium: Cardstock, Wire, Fabric, Watercolor

Subject: Fantasy

Labor: 150 hours

Dimensions: Elder: 45"x18" ; Younger: 36"x14"

$1600, $1200


This idea was inspired by another 3D class project. We were assigned to create some type of paper module and assemble 100 of them into some other object. I settled on a simple triangluar form which I first made into a teapot. I noticed they looked like dragon scales when arranged in a line, and the idea was born. For the second part of the project we were to repeat the idea with colored paper, so I decided to bring to life the dragon idea.

We had previously worked with wire to create sculptures of childhood pets. I enjoyed working in the medium as it was a cheap and easy way to realize my ideas. I used my experience with the wire to create a skeleton which I could then lay the strips of triangular paper on, creating the body of the wyrms. Each one required over 400 individual folded modules for the back alone.

Eventually I got bored of making the triangles so to speed up the process I decided to make the belly flat. The result was a more interesting creation that follows most fantasy ideas about dragons. The head I sketched out and cut and folded more card stock to create a base, then layered more triangles of different sizes on top to create more texture and visual interest.


I wanted to make another similar sculpture as there had been some interest in buying the first one, but I was reluctant to sell as it was a class project. In the course of making this one I invented a better technique for making the strips of scales which required only wire and superglue. As the tape I used for Elder was starting to come off in some areas I decided to strip him down and remake the back with the same technique I used for Younger.

To give her a more youthful look I used a less menacing color scheme, and accentuated some features designed to make it less aggressive and more "cute". Huge round eyes, a pink nose, and a toothless smiling mouth complete the effect.