The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel.

Piet Mondrian

I've spent most of my life in Midcoast Maine. The ecology of the area, its rocks, trees and animals, the history, natural and anthropogenic, influences and defines all that I do. My work explores the forms and shapes of the natural world, and the interaction of man with his natural environment. I like to use natural and novel materials to respond to natural settings and man-made conditions. My site-specific sculptural work is an ongoing collaboration of time and the elements with the artist and the material. I never consider these pieces "finished" because nature may have something to say in response, some way to improve or iterate on what I've done. The unplanned and the spontaneous are key elements of my process, and I believe that cooperation with the natural world means I can produce work that is stronger than what I concieve on my own.

My process is about bringing ideas and imagination to life. I like to let my mind wander for hours or days, and when something interesting begins to coalesce, I seek to bring it into focus in the physical world. This means cutting my conscious out as much as possible, and letting my hands speak.

I'm an undergraduate in the BFA program at the University of Maine at Augusta.

Exhibit History


  • Artspace 265, Augusta Maine - Relationship Status: Complicated. (solo show)
  • Waldoboro Public Library Summer Artist - TBA


  • University of Maine Augusta - Juried Student Exhibition (best sculpture award)
  • Asymmetrick Arts - Spring Exhibition
  • Damariscotta River Arts - Artists Choice Show